Call me today at 256-508-0143to put me to work on your auto or truck accident case. I promise I will do the work on your case, not some fresh out-of-law school lawyer who just passed the bar. IF your case becomes too substantial or complex, I give you my word that I will work with you to refer you to a law firm with the with the skills and resources necessary to handle your case, all at no additional cost to you.  

I negotiated aggressively with the medical providers to reduce the payout for those expenses and the case was settled for seven figures, without filing suit. As my client’s financial recovery was substantial, I helped him find investment advisors to invest his settlement funds for his long-term needs.  

I obtained copies of my client's medical records, visited him at the hospital many times and took photographs to document his injuries and rehabilitation. I prepared a significant settlement package outlining in great detail the negligence of the truck driver, the severity of my client’s injuries, his medical records, photographs and scale drawings of the accident scene, photographs of my client’s injuries, my client’s car, his prospects for long-term disability, and a strong demand for settlement.  

One of my most challenging cases involved a Northern Alabama man who sustained severe, life threatening injuries when his small Saturn car was nearly destroyed by a logging truck. In this accident, the logging truck lost control while entering a curve at a high rate of speed, and drove over the Saturn. My client sustained horrible injuries and had to be evacuated by med flight helicopter to a regional hospital where he spent several weeks in a coma before regaining consciousness.  He spent nearly thirty days in a hospital, another sixty days at an in patient rehabilitation facility, and his medical costs were over $600,000.00. Working for my client, I traveled to, photographed, and measured the accident scene, tracked down and photographed both my client's car and the logging truck and trailer. I had to visit several wrecking yards in order to preserve the evidence before it was destroyed. 

During my twenty five years as an attorney I have worked on both the defense and plaintiff’s side in a number of auto and truck accident cases.

No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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